Open A Local Campus

Local campus faculty is made up of pastors, organizational leaders, and local instructors. These are seasoned leaders who have a gift for teaching and mentoring. The instructors are selected by the local campus dean. Instructors prepare material beyond the student’s notes and are responsible for grading homework, testing students, and posting grades at the end of the semester. The local campus may provide a nominal honorarium to its instructors. The instructors primarily serve as volunteers out of their passion. For campuses with a full course load, it is recommended that you have four instructors for each semester.


What are the costs to the local church?

Local campuses are responsible for administrative costs, instructor honorariums, campus operation expenses and tuition grants. Up to 40% of paid tuition may be requisitioned by the local campus for reimbursement from Purpose Institute to assist with offsetting these costs.


What staff is required?

Local campuses are often the combined effort of several area churches. A campus generally requires 3-5 staff members. These include:

1. Campus Dean – Deans carry the authority of the local campus and selects the instructors for the local campus. The local campus faculty is made up of pastors, organizational leaders, and local instructors. These are well-seasoned leaders who have a God-given gift to teach and a passion to mentor students.

2. Campus Administrator – Administrators are extremely vital to the success of the local campus. They are trained by the Purpose Institute Global Team and maintain accountability to the Global Team. Their role is to give oversight to the details of student activity, as well as to the needs of the Dean and instructors. Administrators watch over the campus funds, and ensure that records are current, attendance is posted, grades are posted in a timely manner, and that the campus is operating according to global standards. Their work is critical to a smooth-running campus. They have the benefit of discounted tuition for their role in the campus.

3. Instructors – Instructors may teach a single course, be a guest lecturer for a single class, or be part of the ongoing staff providing the education of the students in a particular campus. Instructors provide ministry experience beyond the students’ curriculum and are responsible for grading homework, testing students and posting grades at the end of the semester based on student performance. Local instructors are paid a nominal honorarium from campus tuition funds to offset their expenses, but their role is one of passion, and they serve primarily out of burden and desire. Some instructors choose not to receive any funds for their service. All instructors are given special access to a section of the website that is reserved for instructors at the campus orientation or by the campus Administrator.


How to get started?

Those wanting to start a campus must submit an online application through for approval. Once a new campus has been approved for startup, PI will provide onsite training for the local staff. All campuses are required to have a full orientation before they can launch. Expenses associated with campus starts can be discussed by contacting the PI business office at (800) 735-9756. Expenses associated with the orientation may be recouped from the 40% expense allowance available to the campus from paid tuition.