District & Organizational Opportunities

Some church organizations (i.e. UPCI Districts) use Purpose Institute as one of their formal training arms to prepare ministers for licensing and to qualify local church workers. Purpose Institute has put the structure in place to serve this need called a “PI District.” Several key points of that relationship are shared below.


What does it take to run a Purpose Institute District?

Potential PI Districts must first meet with their organization’s governing body to formally adopt Purpose Institute as a training arm. Some organizations choose to require Purpose Institute training for various levels of licensing. The PI District also appoints a District Administrator to give oversight to all of their campuses and to serve as a liaison with the governing body. Generally, a PI District will endeavor to plant campuses in such a way as to make training widely available. Some may also choose to plant foreign language campuses in order to serve their constituency. The governing body maintains oversight of the campuses participating in the PI District.  


How does the Organization benefit?

The administration of the campus is entirely web-based (i.e. attendance, grading, tuition payments, grants, curriculum, and resources). Purpose Institute provides the administrative training for local staff. Districts have the benefit of continual improvements to the curriculum and systems. Local campus staff has the Global Team available to coach them through any difficulties. As such, organizational leaders can concentrate primarily on training and mentoring.


How is the Organization responsible to Purpose Institute?

Purpose Institute is a tool in the hands of organizational leaders and exists to serve the cause of ministry training. While Purpose Institute supports the work of the Organization, the Organization is responsible to operate campuses in a way consistent with PI policy. Campus accountability should be enforced when campuses stray from the pursuit of excellence as outlined in the policy.


Who chooses the Deans/Administrators/Instructors?

These selections are all made on the organizational level (i.e. by the governing Boards, District Administrator or Deans as determined). Purpose Institute provides the initial training and then depends on the organization to select staff. The Global Team participates in orienting new campuses and their growing staff of instructors and administrators.


How does an Organization promote Purpose Institute?

Purpose Institute has a number of promotional materials available to organizations including various print, digital, and video resources. Purpose Institute can also courier the components of a promotional booth for a presence at a conference or special meeting. Banners and logo gear are also available for use in promotion at the PI Store.


What is the financial structure?

The local campus receives up to 40% of student tuition to fund instructor honorariums and administrative costs. In addition, the Organization receives 5-10% of student tuition for the use in oversight and promotion, based on student enrollment.