Purpose Institute requires that students be at least 16 years old.



A high school diploma or equivalent is not required to attend Purpose Institute; however, the learning required to achieve high school graduation is certainly an aid to students who desire to perform well. Generally, our students have already qualified themselves on some level as leaders, and therefore a diploma is not a factor. The goal of Purpose Institute is to assist motivated learners in qualifying themselves to better lead the ministries in which they are already involved.



The PIOC format allows students with busy schedules including work, family, and church, the opportunity to invest in ministry training. Students must devote time to watching instructional videos, interacting with instructors, interacting with fellow students, reading required books, answering review questions, writing essays, and participating in field experience.  Semesters end with testing in each of the subjects. PIOC students will have required class work EVERY week. Students should allocate a total of five or six hours per week to complete out of class work (reading and assignment projects) and in-class work (videos and recording comments) per week. Students must stay current with each weeks class; student to student interaction requires attention to weekly due dates. Each course will be completed in one month. Students take one course each month in the fall (4 courses) and one course each month in the spring (4 courses).



PIOC students must have internet service that is adequate for video viewing and uploading. Chrome Browser is recommended for viewing all course content and Office Suite is recommended for assignment completion.



At this time PIOC is only available for those who are proficient in reading, writing and speaking English. In the future, PI hopes to offer other languages through PIOC.



Students must certify they have their pastor’s approval to enroll in Purpose Institute.