FAQ | PI Online Campus

Why does PI have an Online Campus?

The online campus exists to help fulfill PI’s mission— to make apostolic training available anywhere in the world. It exists to train men and women who are too far from a local campus or are unable to attend the local campus due to scheduling conflicts.

What is the PI Online Campus?

The online campus replicates the local campus as much as possible by delivering teaching and mentoring through the internet. It is a campus rather than individual learning, to make sure students learn in relationship with others.

How will PI Online Campus content be delivered?

Instruction happens by using the Canvas learning management system. Instructors deliver video lectures and engage students through meaningful online conversations.

Can students choose to take a single course rather than an entire semester at the PI Online Campus?


What is the deadline to enroll for the PI Online Campus course?

One week prior to the course start.

Will the PI website continue to be used for the PI Online Campus?

Yes. It will serve the same function for the online campus as for all other campuses.

Will PI Online Campus students still be able to interact with the instructor?

They will be required to interact with instructors. Interaction is where much of the learning takes place.

How often will PI Online Campus students be required to interact?

Students will have required class work every week. Each course will be completed in one month. Students take one course each month in the fall (4 courses) and one course each month in the spring (4 courses).

Can an Local Campus replace the in-person instructor with videos from the PI Online library?


Will the PI Online student be required to do Field Experience?

Yes. Online campus students will complete all components of PI as do the traditional campus students.

Will the PI Online Campus students watch YouTube videos as part of their curriculum?


Will the PI Online Campus students be required to interact on Zoom?

Instructors will have optional live interactions as needed.

Is the PI Online Campus easier than a PI Local Campus?


Is the PI Online Campus cheaper than a PI Local Campus?

No. The online campus is more expensive.

How is the PI Online Campus different from Ministry Central?

It is a campus where students interact with peers and instructors, similar to how they would in a local campus.

How is the PI Online Campus different than a Distance Learning model?

More than one distance learning model exists. This is one type of distance learning model that maintains a close relationship with peers and instructors.

What type of technology is needed to be a PIOC student?

PIOC students must have internet service that is adequate for video viewing and uploading. Chrome Browser is recommended for viewing all course content and Office Suite is recommended for assignment completion.

Is PI Online available in multiple languages?

At this time PIOC is only available for those who are proficient in English both reading, writing and speaking. In the future, PI hopes to offer other languages through PIOC.