Reviews & Testimonials

“We would not hesitate to recommend Purpose Institute to any local church, area, section or district that is seeking a method for training ministers and leaders. Implementing Purpose Institute is without a doubt one of the best choices we’ve made in our local church.”

D.G. Hargrove

Pastor, North Cities UPC, Texas

“As the Ohio District superintendent from 1995-2017, I developed the utmost respect for Purpose Institute and all the personnel associated with it. No pastor or church, no minister or student has ever registered one complaint about the school. All reports coming from the clientele of PI have been positive and enthusiastic. PI has earned a reputation of integrity, cooperation and honor among us.”

J. Mark Jordan

Former Ohio District Superintendent, Ohio

"Implementing Purpose Institute in the Wisconsin District has been one of the best moves we have ever made. Now 12 years later, 5 district sectional campuses strong, we have seen over 250 graduates, that have become active workers in God's Kingdom here in Wisconsin!   PI is a wise choice for any "district training" initiative!"

John Putnam

Former Wisconsin District Superintendent