Vision & Mission

Our Vision


The vision of Purpose Institute is to make Apostolic training available anywhere in the world, enabling workers to discover purpose and develop ministry skills.

The training is designed to raise the quality of ministry coming from every level of leadership—not just those entering full-time ministry. It is training that can happen locally without interrupting other duties (i.e. family, work, local church ministry obligations). Every believer has a God-given purpose that emerges as they apply themselves to ministry and study to show themselves approved of God. Purpose Institute helps leaders discover and prepare for their purpose—their place in the harvest. Purpose Institute exists as a service to local churches and organizations both in North America and internationally. Its goal is to create better access to training by providing a substantial tool for local pastors to offer a person the kind of training necessary to advance him or her as a local church minister, worker, or leader.

Our Mission


Our mission is to develop multilingual curriculum and operating systems that will assist local leaders in equipping ministry workers in their respective fields.

We support the local mission, regardless of where it might be, by providing ministry training resources that are adaptable at the local level.

We provide support in setup, in core faculty training and development, administration, and core campus functions.

We exemplify our mission using an archer, a bow, and an arrow.


We support LOCAL TRAINERS by developing curriculum and systems that provide adaptable ministry training resources. We provide startup and ongoing support with setup, faculty orientation, administration, and core campus functions. We develop multilingual curriculum and operating systems that serve local leaders in their training of ministry workers.


PURPOSE INSTITUTE sees itself as the Bow. We are a tool that trainers can use to launch their students into Apostolic ministry. We are consistently working to improve our operations, curriculum and systems to be as effective as possible at providing Apostolic training at the local level.


We provide STUDENTS with a simple process to enroll, an adaptable schedule and an engaging curriculum, so they can maximize their potential and remain in their field of ministry while they are trained by local trainers.