Our Guiding Principles

At Purpose Institute, our guiding principles are intended to help us to stay on mission. Our principles will not waver in the face of trends and changing culture.

Here are our values:

We value the Apostolic Model

• Fulfilling the twin command to love God and neighbors as self.

• Depending on the work of the Holy Spirit and Biblical authority.

• Living a life of worshipful service in the Kingdom.

• Promoting Apostolic doctrine, practice, power, and structure.


We Value Global Vision with local adaptability

• Promoting a global, multicultural perspective.

• Assisting the local trainer to equip students to attain their greatest Kingdom potential.


We Value The learner

• Helping students to discover their individual gifts and God-given purpose.

• Pointing students toward their future.

• Training students in order to promote confidence, worth, and core competencies.

• Honoring students’ time, work, church involvement, and families.


We value the Contribution of the Trainer

• Acknowledging the gifts and life experience of instructors and the burden they bring to the training.

• Relying on anointed teaching energized by a life of prayer, fasting and spiritual sensitivity.

• Facilitating a mentoring relationship between instrcutors and learners.


We value Stewardship

• Making financial decisions based on what is just and necessary.

• Encouraging the use of existing resources and streamlined administration.

• Investing resources prayerfully and strategically.

• Acting on the Lord’s timing and pace for expansion opportunities.