Cost to Attend


There is a non-refundable $50.00 registration fee when a student enrolls for the first time.


Tuition for any semester is $120.00 for each course that you are enrolled in.


Most of the courses require an associated book to be read as homework; a student can borrow the book if necessary. However, Purpose Institute suggests that students purchase books in order to build their library for later use.


There is a $50.00 matriculation/graduation fee when a student requests a Foundational Diploma after four semesters or an Advanced Diploma after eight semesters.

Discount for Spouses

The spouse of a student paying full tuition pays only the original registration fee of $50 and $12 for each course taken. That amounts to $98 for the first semester and $48 each semester after that if the spouse takes all of the courses. (That means that a spouse would pay only $384 to complete the entire program of eight semesters, less than the regular cost of a single semester!). Couples can share the required books. Purpose Institute feels that this low cost feature honors the necessary ministry partnership of a spouse; and, it honors our own commitment to make training more accessible to those on the front lines of the Lord’s work.