Curriculum & Course Descriptions

1st Semester
1101 (3) Introduction to the Word / Pentateuch
1305 (3) The Importance of Apostolic Doctrine
1401 (3) Apostolic Patterns and Methods I
1602 (4) Leadership I

2nd Semester
2202 (3) The Life and Ministry of Christ
2402 (3) Apostolic Patterns and Methods II
2501 (3) Ministry of the Apostles I
2701 (4) Guest Instructor (Pastoral Studies)

3rd Semester
3102 (3) The Tabernacle
3301 (3) The Oneness of God
3502 (3) Ministry of the Apostles II
3702 (4) Pastoral Studies I

4th Semester
4204 (3) The Epistles
4302 (3) The New Birth
4503 (3) Equipping the Apostolic Minister I
4603 (4) Leadership II

5th Semester
5103 (3) Historical Books / Poetical Books
5206 (3) The Book of Revelation
5504 (3) Equipping the Apostolic Minister II
5601 (4) Guest Instructor (Leadership)

6th Semester
6104 (3) Major Prophets
6201 (3) The Four Gospels / Harmony of the Gospels
6505 (3) Equipping the Apostolic Minister III
6703 (4) Pastoral Studies II

7th Semester
7105 (3) Minor Prophets
7203 (3) The Twelve Apostles
7306 (3) Water Baptism/The Name
7601 (4) Guest Instructor (Leadership)

8th Semester
8205 (3) Church History
8304 (3) Perfecting Holiness in the Fear of God
8403 (3) The Dynamics of Soul Winning
8701 (4) Guest Instructor (Pastoral Studies)

Leadership I: This is a cutting edge study teaching the foundational principles of leadership. You will discover that there are five very important keys to effective church leadership. A violation of any one of the five will greatly hinder the leader’s ability to be effective.

Leadership II: This course strives to stretch the leader to a high level of understanding and ability as a leader. Because of the uniqueness of our times, you will be challenged to accept nothing less than a standard of excellence.

Pastoral Studies I: The Church is living in unprecedented times. The 21st century pastor has challenges totally unique to his generation. This class is designed to equip those whom God has called to be pastors and those who assist pastors.

Pastoral Studies II: Today’s pastors must be able to shift with the times without compromising truth. Level II is designed to assist a pastor or assistant in making the transition without compromise.

Apostolic Patterns and Methods I: The phenomenal results of the 1st century Church cannot be questioned. They established a pattern that we are to follow, but what was it and what were the methods of evangelism they used? You will be inspired to discover just how simple their methods were.

Apostolic Patterns and Methods II: This class teaches how to transfer a 1st century pattern into a 21st century application. It is a practical look at the principles behind the Apostolic methods of the 1st century, and will help you put them into immediate practice.

Church History: As you trace the Pentecostal message from its birth to the 21st century, you will gain a greater appreciation for Biblical truth, and for the courageous people who sacrificed to preserve it for our generation.

The Dynamics of Soul Winning: This course promotes a burden for souls and inspires the student to reach out to the people around them with the Gospel through simple, effective methods.

The Epistles: Epistles are “letters”, and letters have always been an effective way to communicate. God chose letters to effectively communicate HIS will and purpose to HIS church. This course is designed to give a summary of each letter.

Equipping the Apostolic Minister I: There are many preachers, but not many ministers. The primary focus of the Equipping the Apostolic Minister series is to bring balance to both the spiritual and the practical aspects of ministry. Level I primarily deals with the call to ministry, and exactly what that means.

Equipping the Apostolic Minister II: Equipping the Apostolic Minister II teaches how to effectively bring balance to the ministry of the Word and Spirit. Both must be ministered.

Equipping the Apostolic Minister III: Equipping the Apostolic Minister III teaches the importance of prayer, intercession, spiritual warfare, and the ministry of angels.

The Four Gospels / Harmony of the Gospels: In a chronological study of the Gospels, you will compare and contrast the overlapping and consistent accounts of our wonderful Savior and Redeemer.

Guest Instructor (Pastoral Studies): Pastoral topics are covered by experienced, anointed instructors chosen by the local campus Dean. They will challenge all present to dig deeper, reach higher and let God use their lives for His glory.

Guest Instructor (Leadership): A variety of leadership topics are covered by experienced, anointed instructors chosen by the local campus Dean. They will challenge all present to dig deeper, reach higher and let God use their lives for His glory.

Historical Books / Poetical Books: The history of Israel, God’s chosen people, was written for our example, so that we can learn from both their mistakes and successes. The poetical books are considered some of the greatest literature ever written; nothing the world has to offer matches the value of these books.

The Importance of Apostolic Doctrine: Apostolic Doctrine… what is it? It is the foundation of the Church and all true Apostolic ministry. This class teaches its importance and why it must not be compromised or minimized.

Introduction to the Word / Pentateuch: The study of the five books written by Moses will give you a historical, legislative, and spiritual look at just how much God loves and desires a relationship with His people.

The Life and Ministry of Christ: This course studies the earthly life and ministry of Jesus Christ. You will soon understand and appreciate how He lived and ministered on the earth as both perfect man and perfect God.

Major Prophets: These great men of God wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Learn how incredible the writers and their books are, both in volume and in content.

Ministry of the Apostles I: A careful study of the Apostles’ ministry will reveal how their doctrine and authority distinguished them from others. You will recognize the relevance for the Church today and will be motivated to become an extension of true Apostolic ministry.

Ministry of the Apostles II: The zeal and passion for evangelism as exampled by the Apostles of the 1st century Church is, without question, where the Church of today must return. This is an up-close and personal look at true Apostolic ministry as recorded in the last 21 chapters of the book of Acts.

Minor Prophets: From the lives of these Old Testament prophets, you will see how God can use anyone from any background. They demonstrate how depth of obedience to God measures true success.

The New Birth: Jesus said you must be born again. This class teaches the essentiality of the new birth as recorded in John 3:5 and exactly what is required to be born again.

The Oneness of God: Is God one or three? This class is in an in-depth study of the Oneness of God and clearly proves from the Holy Scriptures that God is one.

Perfecting Holiness in the Fear of God: This course will fill you with fresh respect and revelation for the Holiness of God. It correctly teaches holiness as a divine principle that must be perfected in everyone who calls himself or herself a disciple of Christ. You will learn that holiness first must begin in the heart, before it can effectively shine out to others.

The Book of Revelation: Are we really living in the last days? Though not an exhaustive study of prophecy, this class attempts to bring a correct understanding of the Book of Revelation.

The Tabernacle: Discover the many types and shadows found in the Tabernacle plan that God gave to Moses, and how it is a picture of God’s New Testament plan.

The Twelve Apostles: Through a close look at the strengths and weaknesses of Jesus' closest followers, you will learn how God used each Apostle’s unique personality in an effective ministry.

Water Baptism/The Name: The doctrine of Jesus' name baptism sets us apart, and through this course you will understand from the Scriptures how vital and powerful the name of Jesus is in your life.