Endorsements & Licensing



In 2004, Purpose Institute became an official training arm of the Division of Education of the United Pentecostal Church International. In 2008, Purpose Institute received the official endorsement of The United Pentecostal Church International as one of its ministry training programs. It is the desire of Purpose Institute to also work with other like-minded Apostolic organizations while continuing to honor its doctrinal roots and relationships in the UPCI.










Many Purpose Institute students plan to use their training in a more formal position that requires a ministerial license. Licensing boards vary in their requirements for candidates, but all require some level of training. Purpose Institute diplomas may serve as proof of training for some ministerial licensing boards.  For the benefit of those ministering within the United Pentecostal Church International, incorporates the UPCI reading requirements for local and general license, over the eight-semester curriculum.The majority of local and general license reading requirements would therefore be fulfilled by the time a student obtains the advanced diploma. Please be advised that licensing boards generally require more than proof of training to award license (i.e., financial responsibility, references, preaching experience, etc.).

Purpose Institute-Ministry Central Matrix