Campuses can be started anywhere in the world. North American campuses have associated fees while overseas campus starts are primarily funded by Purpose Institute, virtually without cost to the overseas campus.

Purpose Institute may be the answer you and your local assembly are looking for to train leaders to function in various ministries without exiting to a traditional Bible college.

Local Purpose Institute campuses are often the combined effort of several area churches, key leaders, and pastors. A campus generally requires 3-5 staff members: a Campus Dean (usually a local pastor), a Campus Administrator who ensures that students’ records are kept and that light office work is handled, and three or four instructors (Deans usually double as an instructor).

A new campus can be planted with the help of Purpose Institute’s global staff once approval has been obtained. The Campus Dean, Administrator, and instructors need to be properly oriented in order to have a successful campus. The Purpose Institute staff is prepared to assist in that orientation by one of the following methods, or a combination thereof: 1) traveling to the new campus site, 2) meeting at another designated location, or 3) using a digital orientation format. All campuses are required to have full orientation.

Here are the steps to open a new campus:

  1. Contact the Purpose Institute Global Staff through the website or by phone and express your desire to look into the possibility of planting a local campus in your assembly.

  2. A Purpose Institute representative will contact you and discuss your training needs.

  3. Information packets will be sent to you, including applications for a campus and for the local staff.

  4. Once the campus has been approved, a date will be set for orientation at the local campus.

  5. Dates are set for the 4 weekends of classes in the first semester.

  6. An orientation for the new campus takes place.

  7. Promotions to area churches are completed.

  8. The new campus launches its first weekend of training with a student orientation and the first set of classes.

The global staff at Purpose Institute offers ongoing help with a new campus. Global staff members watch over their various areas to help ensure continuing success. The local campuses have a periodic assessment from the global staff to encourage them to reach for their best operational function. Expenses associated with campus starts can be discussed by contacting the offices of Purpose Institute.

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